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Name:4L4N & 54M
Website:alan_sam_tron on LiveJournal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Alan/Sam from TRON: Legacy

This is a community for the pairing Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn from TRON: Legacy (and every other Tron movies).

Things that are allowed:
- Fic
- Art
- Vids
- Fanmix
- Discussions
- Promotions of related communities/projects
- RPF and RPS

- No bashing or Clu will come and eat you.
- Tag your posts, seriously.
- For more than three icons, use a cut.
- Put large images under a cut.
- Mark not worksafe fic/art as such.

For art/fic/mix/vid posts please use the following header and adjust it to whatever it is you're posting:

Pairing: (incl. additional pairings)
Word Count:
Notes: (optional)


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[ profile] women_of_tron
[ profile] tron_bromance

Disney channel:
[ profile] dailysprouse
[ profile] dylan_cole
[ profile] life_is_suite

General slash:
[ profile] unf_boyslash

Star Trek's Karl Urban and Chris Pine:
[ profile] daily_urbine or
[community profile] daily_urbine

The Eagle's Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell:
[ profile] channing_jamie or
[community profile] channing_jamie

If you've got questions, ideas or if there are any issues, you can contact me via PM on my account [personal profile] camellie and I'll get back at you asap.
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